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9 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Just Not That Into You


In my opinion its always hard to tell whether or not a guy is into you. Unless they’re really direct, they are difficult to decipher. Over at YourTango, they’ve compiled of list on tell-tale signs that will help you realize when he really isn’t into you.

Normally everyone’s all about those lists that tell you when a guy is into you, that way you can take a little bit of freedom in translating the signs to the list to fit our situation. This one is a bit harsher, but it’s a necessary evil. If you just started talk to someone new, or you have a friend that going through something with her new beau, check out the list and see what applies to you.

I read it over and called one of my friends immediately because it totally relates to a situation she’s in! As lame as it sounds to look to a list and try and see if your guy fits some sort of guideline, it’s usually super helpful. I live by these things… I’m also single though, take that as you’d like.

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