I’d Totally Do James Deen On Camera for Attention [Sexy Time]

In case you missed it, James Deen put out a call on his website for women to shoot a porn scene with him. One of the women, Jenn Tisdale, who was chosen to film with him has been doing the rounds and talking to various media outlets about her experience. She made it clear that she wasn’t motivated to submit just based on her undying love of James Deen. That, in fact, she did it for some notoriety and Twitter followers. I didn’t bat an eyelash at that because, whatever, it’s a post-Paris Hilton world. But people are definitely judging her for not having, I guess, “pure” motives. I think that most of us have had sex for reasons that others would look down on, and honestly, I’m glad that this woman is trying to get something out of it besides an orgasm.

I honestly can’t even define what “good” intentions for having sex are. It’s easy for me to distinguish bad reasons – like trying to use sex to manipulate someone, or using someone only for sex while leading them to believe that you are interested in more. I’ve personally had sex to validate my own attractiveness, out of romantic obligation, and because I was bored and nothing was appealing on Netflix. And I have no regrets. As long as you’re not engaging in self-destructive behavior that leaves you feeling disgusting or worthless, and as long as you’re treating your partner with respect, I don’t see any problems with having sex for reasons other than sharing a mutual attraction.

When I first saw James Deen was basically giving away his dick to the best auditions, I assumed he was going to end up filming scenes with a bunch of barely legal teenage girls who discovered their sexuality via his films and were basically fangirls. I was worried that these girls would be so excited about the prospect of boning their favorite porn star that they would forget about the real-world consequences. While I firmly believe that being in porn isn’t really a big deal — and in fact, I’d welcome watching sex tapes featuring a ton of people (hi, James Franco, Ryan Gosling, Drake, et al) – not everyone agrees with me. There is still such a stigma against women having sex in general, let alone women choosing to have sex on camera. You have to possess a certain strength to really be comfortable with the embarrassment that could come about from someone you know seeing you in a porno. So I think it’s awesome that Jenn is actively courting the attention.

Not to mention, James is clearly doing this as a promotional tool. He’s trying to solidify his status as the “porn star next door.” The idea that his intentions are totally innocent and not motivated by a desire to further his popularity is ridiculous. So it’s totally cool to me if he continues to choose to film with women who want a book deal, or to bring traffic to their blogs, or whatever. Sex is a commodity in our society, so of course people are going to exploit that for their own gain.
So I guess what I’m trying to say is, James, I’d totally give you an anonymous handie in exchange for getting a CollegeCandy exclusive.

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