The National Premieres “Lean” For The Catching Fire Soundtrack

The National have released their new single for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack called “Lean.” The track is a gloomy, acoustic ditty that almost didn’t make the film’s soundtrack under its original name, “Dying Is Easy,” because the title was deemed too morose for a film about teenagers.killing.each other.—not morose at all!

Matt Berninger said, “The song almost didn’t make it because it was too dark for The Hunger Games soundtrack, which I thought was sort of funny because it’s about killing kids. I don’t know how a song can be darker than that. So we had to change the name of the song; I actually like the name ’Lean.’… You know, I get it. It was a really fun project… It was a cool change from how we normally work on things, to write something for something else. It was kind of a pressure release thing, and it was fun.”

I’m digging this track’s mood and what it suggests about the dark tone of The Hunger Games sequel.

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