The 19 Best Reactions To Oprah’s Favorite Things

Yesterday we dissed Oprah’s Favorite Things list because it was completely ridiculous. The list was filled with $168 plates , $395 pillows and $300 stationary, you know, all the necessities. The only thing more ridiculous than Oprah’s favorite things is the time Nina Garcia tweeted out that we could save up a “few weeks pay” for a $26,000 handbag and of course, every GOOP newsletter ever. The difference is that Gwyneth Paltrow and Nina ¬†Garcia don’t attest to be women of the people but women of a certain kind decadence and wealth.

To be fair Oprah did say this about her infamously preposterous list,¬†“It’s not about spending tons of money. It’s not about buying the biggest gift. Generosity is about using whatever you have to give a gift that means something.”

It’s not about that . . . unless you are Oprah. Although no one can actually afford any of this shit she is shilling, people get mad excited about it. Unfortunately, Oprah no longer has her talk show so this year we won’t be able to see the eye rolling, knee bending, cry-facing reactions. We thought we would be doing you a disservice by not sharing how insane the reactions to Oprah’s Favorite Things have been in the past so here they are . . .

If this is not enough to convince you the list is utterly ridiculous (or you just need more Oprah-related content in your life) watch Jason Statham read Oprah’s Favorite Things on Jimmy Kimmel in his abrasive, surly voice.


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