The Anatomy Of A ’90s Kid: 20 Things That Defined A Generation

Getting up and going to school each day in the ’90s was like waking up to a world of butterflies and fantastical technology. Why, you ask? Because everything in fashion was covered in butterflies and things as basic as a Talk Boy, a tape recorder marketed to kids, seemed like technology was advancing at a pace we couldn’t comprehend. It was, of course. We certainly didn’t imagine in elementary school that we would have computers at home. Most of the accessories of the ’90s look ugly now and most of the gadgets are lame by comparison but in a world where none of these things had existed before, they were flaw free.

If you were a wee bitty kid in the ’90s, you could probably be found driving one of these Barbie Corvettes.

But if you were a little older you were probably riding your Sketcher’s 4 Wheelers to school.

It was probably hard to skate when you were listening to your Discman because you had to hold it absolutely still otherwise the CD would skip.

You were probably jamming to Mimi’s latest.

You tried to play one of these during recess but teachers would snatch it up and keep it their desk until the end of the day. “No distractions!”

But at least you looked super hot with your elastic accessories.

You had to bring enough of these to school to share with everyone otherwise you’d be swarmed for any extra.

But it was really these that made you one of the cool kids at the lunch table.

See the rest of the list in the gallery below.

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