The Lenovo Yoga Is The Sexiest Laptop/Tablet That Will Make College Life Seamless

Full disclosure: I am a Mac user. I made the big switch my freshman year of college with my very first Macbook laptop. Girl, the Apple OSX user interface was smooth, easy and the organically seamless usability made the old clunkiness of my craptacular PC a worthwhile transition.

After my second Macbook ran its course, I was tight on cash so I bought a refurbished Mac Mini. My refusal to deal with Windows PCs continued. I would never ever have considered using a PC, then Windows reached out to, offering me a chance to become a Windows Champion and use new hardware and software, complete with a trip to Seattle to visit Microsoft’s campus to learn about how the company envisioned the future.

I know this sounds like some high level schmoozing to get a loyal Mac user to convert to PCs. Truthfully speaking, I am not the kind of person who is loyal to a brand so much as I am loyal to a certain standard. PCs just weren’t giving me the user experience I wanted, I use Adobe Photoshop quite a bit for work and at home, and just opening the program would crash my old PC. However, I have to say, things have changed quite a bit.

I want to make it clear that CC nor I were paid to recommend this product to you guys. It’s me, Emerald, recommending it and had I not been allowed to try the Lenovo Yoga out courtesy of Microsoft, I would have never tried it at all and I’d be sitting here recommending a Mac laptop for around $1200 when the Lenovo Yoga right now is priced at $299.00. I haven’t even gotten to the good part yet.

So first of all Windows 8.1 is the new Windows operating system. We’ve come along way from Windows Vista. Windows 8.1 is nothing like what I imagined a new OS to be like because it is designed to be integrated with a touch screen device. You’ll notice that your home screen looks a lot like a panel of apps rather than a desktop with a bunch of random files on it. That’s because it is. The new home screen is a combination of apps and programs on the computer. It’s the desktop of the future. Mhmm, I went there.

From what it sounds like most PCs on the market and all of them in the near future will have touch screens! Using a touch laptop with Windows 8.1 is a lot like using a tablet, except you have the convenience of it, you know, also being a laptop.

There’s a reason why this baby is called a Yoga. You can position the device in four ways.

Bed Watching Position

I call this bed watching position because it is ideal for when you’re laying down on your side and watching Netflix just before you doze off into your mid-day nap. Just flip the screen backwards so that the keyboard is facing down.

Tent Position

The tent position is ideal for watching videos while working on a desk or at a coffee shop. It’s also a great way to use the touch screen features with the keyboard getting in the way.

Tablet Position

You can choose to totally flatten the Yoga like a tablet, which is great for commuting. No, it’s not going to be a big clunky mess either. The Yoga is super thin. It’s crazy thin. It’s exactly .61 inches thick. It’s actually 11.7 inches by 8 inches and weighs 2.8 pounds making it great for tossing into a tote bag, handbag or book bag.

Classic Position

The best part of the Lenovo is that you get your tablet AND your laptop, you don’t have to give up either. It truly is thin enough to serve as both. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had my Kindle Fire and wished I had a keyboard with it so that I could work from a coffee shop or while I am commuting. Touch screen keyboards are great but let’s get real, there is nothing like clickity-clacking keys because they have the most accuracy and allow you to type faster. This is great for taking notes in class and writing papers.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t have Windows 8.1, although you can expect that the laptop will typically come with it, older versions of Windows will work as well, even with the touch screen. However, you may find that the experience is less seamless because older operating systems aren’t made to work with touch screens. The way I see it is a Macbook Pro is currently $1200, has no touch screen and isn’t convertible at all. An iPad Air is $499, while an iPad Mini is $399. The Lenovo is $299 right now, even at full price it’s only $649. Add it up, do the math. In the olden days of Mac vs. PC commercials we could compare the two operating systems but I am convinced that OS isn’t even an issue anymore. Yes, I am that convinced. 

If you want a computer that’s going to get you through every part of the day, your commute, your lounge-y time at home, your study sessions at the cafe and about a million midterm papers, then go with the Lenovo Yoga. It’s not going to hurt your wallet and its size, features, combined with Windows 8.1 will make college life seamless and easy. Check out the specs, features and models here.

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