Everyone Calm Down, Celine Dion is Not Dead!

The Internet was ablaze with rumors that legendary singer and professional diva, Celine Dion died yesterday. Fake stories about the singer’s death began to spread on Facebook and then took to Twitter where fans began to panic. One story said that Celine died in a car crash, while another claimed it was a plane crash. There was no concrete or accurate evidence of her death, and fans were left helpless with little information to go off of.

When a celebrity death comes into the news, we’re always hoping it’s a hoax (like Cory Monteith or Whitney Houston), so thankfully, the news of Celine Dion’s death is just a sick joke that the Internet decided to play on us this weekend. If Celine Dion died yesterday, I would be a hot mess right now. Sure she’s a little kooky and you can hardly understand her when she talks, but she is also an amazing singer and have you seen her Vegas show?! I made my dad and brother sit down and watch it with me one time and even they couldn’t complain. Thank God, this was all just a hoax. Celine’s heart will go on!

Unfortunately, Celine isn’t the first celebrity to be presumed dead while still alive and kicking. Celebrity death hoaxes have been going on for a long time. Check out the gallery below to see even more celebrity deaths.

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