These Three Items Will Help You Transition from Fall to Winter Flawlessly!

The weather is just unpredictable during these autumn months. One minutes, it’s 70 degrees and sunny. The next day, we’re in scarves and hats! It’s just a never-ending guessing game when it comes to the weather. With that on the brain, it’s also a pain to try and figure out what to wear.

As college kids, we’re not exactly the wealthiest people around and because of this, we need to consolidate our wardrobe! We can’t have 100 different items for all four seasons! (Midwest girls, represent!) This is why we need transition clothing to help us go from hot flashes to frost bite without being stuck in a lurch! It’s better to have a few, quality and worthwhile items, them a bunch of clothing that’s cheap and disposable. Check out these three essential clothing items that are perfect for this crazy fall to winter weather change! Check them out below.



1.  Riding boots

So I don’t know about you, but riding boots are my life. The one essential thing you need to know when purchasing riding boots for the fall and winter is that you must spray them with waterproofing spray. This will keep you covered when it starts to snow unexpectedly on Thanksgiving evening. You won’t be stuck with wet socks!


2. Comfy knit scarf

This is my favorite item of the three. Knit scarves are absolutely essential this time of year. The beauty of the scarf is that it will definitely keep you warm on those cold winter nights, but if you find yourself outside on a warmer fall day, you can always just take it off! It’s so much easier to wear than a big chunky sweater that you’re going to melt in if the sun comes out.


3. Light jacket

I am a fan of the military style jacket, but any light jacket will do! Instead of walking around in the winter months in a giant, puffy coat that makes you look like the Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters, you can just layer! Grab a sweater and throw this jacket on top with a cute knit scarf and you’re good to go!

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