What Does ‘Hooking Up’ Actually Mean? The Answer is Finally Here!

I feel like for my entire college life, the definition of “hooking up” was always changing. Sometimes it meant an innocent make out session. Sometimes it meant going all the way. Sometimes the definition of hooking up meant something in between those two. The concept of hooking up has been skewed and rewritten and discussed forever. It was finally time for someone to just get down to it and define it once and for all!

But here’s is the big kicker: there is no one definition for “hooking up”. It’s the term that us young people use to describe all different kinds of physical (and emotional!) acts that we engage in with others. Other terms for “hooking up” include “doing stuff” or “getting it on” etc. It’s just a totally ambiguous phrase that people say when they’re attempting to describe their own (or something else’s) sexual activity. The other important thing to note here is that since it’s such a relative term, it’s important to know that everyone is going to have their own definition and it’s more important to know that you know what it means to yourself.

If you’re still in the dark, the ladies over at Gurl.com have you totally covered when it comes to the concept of “hooking up.”

Head on over to Gurl and watch their funny and informative video! 

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