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Support The Troops With 15 Chic Army Nails


Today is Veterans Day! On behalf of, I’d like to thank all those who have served and fought for our country to protect its citizens and way of life. War is a difficult subject because we all have such strong opinions about it but at the end of the day those who are fighting in the trenches and providing services to our country are often risking their lives and even when they are not in combat, they are devoting years of their lives to make a difference in ours. We all know someone in the military, whether it’s an acquaintance or family member, some of you may have even lost people in combat. Today we celebrate those who are just a little more courageous and humble ourselves in their honor.

Is painting your finger nails enough to support the troops or any cause? Of course not but it is a way of showing solidarity. has a ton of different programs you can donate to that will directly affect the morale and quality of life of active duty soldiers.

Military Paws allows you to provide goods to dogs who are serving in combat. Our pooch troops need shampoo, food and treats too!

Operation Popcorn sends troops popcorn!

The Military Kids Education Fund provides middle through graduate educations to the children of those in active duty.

There are plenty more programs you can help here.

Here’s a simple army nails tutorial.

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