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Cosmic Candy: Full Moon Horoscopes, November 11th -17th


We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries And Aries Rising

Don’t let your career consume you; balance, my feisty ram, balance. This week is ripe with opportunities to be seized by jealousy of others, which can only truly exist if we are buying into some story about how we are losing and how others are winning; the fact that these narratives arise isn’t the problem though. The only issue that becomes an issue is when we get so wrapped up in what our minds are telling us, we forget that so often we are wrong, yet we believe our version of the tale with such conviction that we create the very thing we fear the most. Your solution is to get busy doing something productive like exercise, watering the garden, doing dishes, preparing good food to eat and being of service. In fact I recommend keeping all your eyes on the more practical, physical, earthy realms of your daily life. Relationships, especially ones that effect your career or reputation are bound to go through some sort of intense experience in the coming days, and it looks like you may, wittingly or not, be at the cause of that. There are a couple of zodiac signs that take things personally, and you are definitely one of them, so try not to — period, dot, the end. Otherwise you run the risk of being abducted by a drama that really won’t do you any good in the long run, or the short run for that matter. When life gets deep skip the b.s. and get physical.

Taurus And Taurus Rising

It’s that time of year again, full moon in Taurus time. Sometimes a full moon in our sign makes us feel a little like the Michelin Man, every molecule seems to expand, growing us into warped versions of ourselves. I generally try to not draw any major, life altering conclusions at times like these. When everything has flared up, is on the edge of bursting and when I may have gone a little (or a lot) past my boundary I try to keep it simple inside. I like to ignore my complaints, temper my tantrums and refuse to entertain visions of grand failures until I’ve had enough time to decompress and bring everything back to it’s appropriate size. With Venus wandering into your 9th house and setting up shop there for the next few months (due to a revitalizing retrograde) you are going to have ample opportunity to learn, grow, expand and spread your wings. Venus is your ruling planet so its movements are important signifiers for the lessons you are learning. I suggest setting everything aside that you think you know, that you think you value and that you think has worth-just as an experiment. It looks like your being asked to offer up something of your beliefs this week, I’d even go far as to say that your understanding of right and wrong will be challenged. Whatever you think you know for sure seems like it’s about to bite you in the ass. Get some humble pie and beginner bisque on the menu-especially if you feel like you’ve become an expert who’s got everything under control.

Gemini And Gemini Rising

This week starts out with your ruling planet, Mercury, making the first tentative steps out of its retrograde cycle. This isn’t an easy beginning to the week necessarily. I mean, you know, yay, Mercury is no longer retrograde and all that, but quite honestly the days where it’s shifting gears can be quite taxing on the nerves. However, it is having a magical, meaningful and magnificent (and possibly maddening) moment with Neptune upon its exit. What this says to me is that there is a moment of suspension that drops you in-between one reality and another. It could have tones of total compassion, heightened sensitivity and extreme idealism met with unparallel creativity, so I say dwell there for as long as you possibly can. We are all being thrust into some interesting relationship material this week as Venus goes kick-boxing with Pluto and together the have a rumble with Uranus- so if you feel a little beat up by the end of the week you’ll know who to blame (it’s always good to have something to point the finger at, no?) Looks like there is a symbolic sacrifice to be made in your relationship (another reason why I’d like you to hang out with the Captain of Compassion for as long as possible) so be tender about it. This week may feel more extreme than it actually is, just another opportunity to work out your Jet Li moves and practice the art of declining the invitation for aggravation, don’t take the bait in other words.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

Nothing draws success to us like feeling that we are wanted.  When we walk into the world as a person who is in love and being loved, everyone wants to know what’s up. Did we change our hair? Lose weight? There’s a mysterious force field around us that draws more attention to it. It’s like one persons loving gaze cast in our direction draws ever more of the same. This is going to be a hot topic for you in the coming months as Venus just power walked into Capricorn and your 7th house of relationships, but Venus isn’t walking into a deserted domain here. Much like rushing into the nearest shelter at the onset of torrential rains, it takes us a minute to realize just what kind of establishment we’ve found ourselves in. Venus is about to meet a pretty intense character known in astrological circles as Pluto God Of the Underworld. Chances are this week you’ll feel pretty intensely about everyone you cross paths with. People will annoy you, delight you, enrage and disappoint you, all of which are wonderful opportunities to better understanding your blockages to intimacy and your fears of being abandoned. I’d also include here the fear of being consumed by the madness that only Love can bring. Some outside event in your career is kicking into high gear as well and you may not have the time you need to gather all the facts or establish your footing in terms of what others are pulling out of you, but don’t worry you’ll be chewing on this material for the next 4 months so take it in slowly. Work with mantras that speak to how much love you have in your life already. Focus on what you think about yourself, not what others do or don’t. Want yourself and the rest will follow.

Leo And Leo Rising

Your mantra this week is: “I rest in a high vibration, I no longer need to collapse in fatigue. Instead I am fed by the heart-centered work that I do. It’s not that I don’t need to recharge, I do, but I do so like a battery in a hybrid car, every time I slow down it automatically feeds me so that when I press go, I am ready to go. I do things differently now-where I used to leak energy by entertaining the outcome of every thought with my body, mind and spirit, I now choose which thoughts I engage with. It’s kind of like the way I choose which guest to invite over for dinner. However, if I realize half way through the appetizer that I have changed my mind I am free to dismiss the guest immediately without any guilt or shame. I put my health first by making sure I have the kind of simple luxuries that make me happy.” Beyond that (or your version of it) I want you to watch for whatever part of your career that is blooming. The full moon on Sunday will be beautifully highlighting the work you have done as of late-so let it shine, whatever you have done, whatever you have accomplished and what ever you have brought forth. Try not to diminish your work, in fact refuse to let your inner critic tarnish it, instead see it as you think others would see it-others that adore and support you, others that see your efforts, your beauty and your sincerity.

Virgo And Virgo Rising

As I write this I’m peering out the window of an Amtrak train listening to Frank Ocean and reading an article about the WNBA’s super-star Brittney Griner, both masters at their craft, though young in it, and both brave enough to have come out of the closet. Having to deal with much more than their white counterparts, these two unicorns are your mascots if you need a little extra inspiration to live your truth. I spend a lot of time marveling at those among us that can, especially from a young age, be who they are. It’s this kind of internal fortitude and belief in oneself that I want you to incorporate this week. Being comfortable in our own skin isn’t easy for many of us, but why would we be made, as we are if we weren’t supposed to explore and celebrate all the possibilities of our make up? We live in an age that is equally spooky in its surveillance of us as it is exciting in the freedom we have to express ourselves, or at least to broadcast ourselves via social media. Moby had it right when he said that we are all made of stars, each one of us so unique, and when we take the chance to twinkle and shine we beckon each other out into the field to do the same. Playful, willing and free to be what we were meant to be, we are at our best. Of course we don’t all have the freedom to act out our true selves in public at this very moment, but we all have that freedom within the safety of our imaginations. Don’t be afraid to venture beyond your limits of who you’ve known yourself to be and if you don’t believe me take it from Assata Shakur, “Freedom is the right to grow, it’s the right to blossom, Freedom is the right to be yourself.”

Libra And Libra Rising

Tending to the hearth at home will make your happiest this week. Issues in your inner most dwelling are demanding that you tackle them, denying or putting them off may in fact steal energy from another domain of your life and thieves are just folks trying to get what they need in the only way they know how. One positive way to work this week is to clear out the clutter in all of your closets, like literally. You may also want to take a look at the “rules” that you picked up in your family of origin-those could also use a de-cluttering, especially if the rules had to do with pretending that everything was OK when in fact it wasn’t. It’s not a great week to get in any family battles, even if you think that they’re innocent. This week is set up so that we will feel like we’ve lost if we engage in the fight, and yours is with those that are closest to you-or closest in DNA. However, this week does bring you some interesting insight, inspiration or knowledge that could help you see a new way to make some money, though it could be a little while from now. If work has slowed or some project has stalled, don’t worry too much; it’s just gone underground for a moment. It actually needs the time to reformat itself. Trust the rhythm and it will run a lot smoother.

Scorpio And Scorpio Rising

I’d like to offer you the excuse to do something this week so radical it will astound those of you who live within a heteronormative paradigm; I want you to not give a flying fuck about what any media outlet says about you, your body, your clothes, your hair, your makeup or your style. I’m serious. I am talking about self-love that’s so extreme you create a new category of bodacious. Maybe it’s just me, but as the worst storms to ever hit our planet become as common as a Miley Cyrus publicity stunt, I have like, no time for bullshit. There are so many actual problems to deal with besides vanity and insecurity; we don’t have that luxury at this late date. Perhaps I am on you about this issue because I want you to be really clear about where your value comes from because in the coming months you are going to be asked to speak on this topic, perhaps by someone specific, but mostly by your own desire and I want you to be on-point. See yourself, as a beacon of hope for those struggling to find a way to truly accept themselves and it will help you to the same for yourself. The tests you’ve been through lately have shown you that you know a thing or two; you’ve earned your stripes. Share with us your wisdom and show us how to live in integrity. The full moon is ripening in your 7th house of intimate relationships, so showing up there with as much self-confidence as you can muster will only help those blossom as well.

Sagittarius And Sagittarius Rising

An interesting beast to keep your eye on this week would be your relationship to greed. I know, who likes to think of themselves as greedy? Well, maybe you have the least difficulty with seeing it in yourself actually, but your tendency is to over-do rather than to want to posses and keep for yourself. Nonetheless, simply notice this week what you get possessive with, what you feel overly attached to and what you have a hard time releasing. Your chart is quite grounded right now and Sunday’s full moon peaks in a part of your chart that is related to your health and how you may choose (knowingly or not) to suffer, again not something that usually goes under Sagittarius’s list of “to-do’s” but there you have it. To know how and why we make ourselves suffer is probably the biggest gold mine that we can work with, so do as you do and dive-in to get some longer lasting relief. Chances are if in any way we are worried that we don’t have enough, that we won’t get enough or that there isn’t enough, then we start grasping and when we are grasping we aren’t trusting and when we aren’t trusting we aren’t allowing to universe to flow into our lives as it wants to. Stop, let go and trust.

Capricorn And Capricorn Rising

One of the most powerful statements in the English language is, “I’m curious about that, please tell me more.”  Not only does it disarm the person you are speaking with but also it disarms you, and these days it’s better to travel weaponless. Experiment with being the bigger person this week and work on being unattached to being right (especially when you know you are).  There’s a feeling in your chart about getting abducted by the kind of freewheeling jealousy, obsession and extreme envy that ruins Monarchy’s, takes down king/queendoms and ends family dynasties. Envy is a poison who’s only antidote is gratitude and although a good old fashioned abduction into the underworld is less than comfy cozy, it may be an inevitable and ultimately rewarding journey that you take this week. Remember that you don’t have to stay there for long and/or while you are down there you can remember how sweet your life actually is. We give our power so much so that we are fooled into believing that are lives aren’t exactly as they need to be, that we aren’t exactly as we need to be-absolutely perfect for our lives. You are perfect; your life is perfect; keep grateful and carry on.

Aquarius And Aquarius Rising

Work and who you are out there in the big, bad world is still a top priority and this week aims to help you look all bright and shiny, especially Monday and Tuesday.

Shine your shoes and run a comb, pick or any other fine instrument of pretty through that mop and show up, and then let go. This weekend feels something more like a stone dropping down the bottom of a pond, then a bubble rising to the surface. It’s time to settle down, for the moment. Take a break for goodness sakes, get comfortable, let yourself unwind and wear the shit out of those new slippers you just got. Have friends over (preferably the ones that will bring you a hot meal), take long baths (with said friends if that’s your thing) or just spend some time reestablishing who you are while your puttering about not trying to do, impress or display. Don’t be wound so tightly that you forget the pleasures of letting go and try not to be so focused that you forget that there is more than just your specific plan at work here. There are more mysterious energies at play and they want to open you up to something unexpected. Practice clean magic, release spirits back to their origins and air out your skeletons. While you are at it, take off the coat and stay a while, even super-hero’s need a moment to put down their lasso.

Pisces And Pisces Rising

Even though there may be rumblings with friends or in your circles of comrades this week, for the most part your skies are clearing. The wisdom gleaned from your latest expeditions is integrating and you are feeling much more confident, bolstered and supported by life. This allows you to venture out into new terrain with more authority and self-assurance. Boundaries help you create space so that you don’t have to feel overly responsible for other experiences, everyone around you can own their own journey. If someone has a problem with you it’s likely to be because you’re a perfect canvas to project onto, but also it may be a reflection of how your values are evolving. What you need in terms of friendship now is quite different from what you used to, or it will be in a few months time. The other component to this week is that you are evolving who you wish to be and how you wish to show up in your community, again this is something that you’ll be working on for the winter so may as well dig in-especially now that there is a little more light available for you to see by, and for you to see yourself by.

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