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5 Reasons Why It’s “All Bad” For Justin Bieber


Nineteen-year-old Justin Bieber has been going through it lately. The proof is in his songs.

Bieber has implemented “Music Mondays,” where he releases one track from his latest album each week. In his sixth installment of “Music Mondays” he released “All Bad.” The song does more than encapsulate the relationship in three minutes; it may be prophetic. Aside from the obvious heartbreak he has felt at the hands of Selena Gomez, Bieber has been having a strike of bad luck as of recently.

He’s a purple emoticon. 

The album art for “All Bad” was simplistic. A single purple frowning face. That would’ve been fine, I suppose, if he didn’t use this same image as his display picture for his Twitter account. Biebs, is that you?

He’s become a bigger whiner than Drake.

I have a love/hate relationship with Drake. I think he puts out great material, but I also think he’s a major whiner. I don’t want to listen to an album and hear you crying on the track for 8 out of 15 of the songs. JB is giving me Drake vibes on this latest song.

I also cannot forgive him for this grammar: “The wrong thing, they be worried about,” and “I ain’t all bad.” What’s up with this, Biebs? The whole song made me feel as though he was trying to write it on Twitter and he only had 140 characters.

He’s been accused of prostitution. 

As video footage surfaces of 26-year-old Tati Neves blowing a kiss to an exhausted Bieber circulates, the rumor mill buzzes. Once speculation of prostitution was acknowledge, Bieber was “upset” that he had to defend himself against such allegations. Maybe people would belieb you if you weren’t caught on tape leaving brothels in the area…

He’s been busted for vandalizing badass images of penguins.

I get it, you’re an artist, so you want to be all artsy or whatever. As a recent hobby, Bieber takes his hand at spray painting, just as singer Chris Brown has done from time to time. How original. JB was granted consent to exercise his artistic license on a specific wall, but members of his team thought it wasn’t located in a safe area. The new location where Bieber decided to “rebel” may not have been his best option. If Brazilian authorities did not grant him permission, JB may face three months to a year in jail or he may be fined.

First of all JB, if you’re going to be badass you don’t: a) Ask for permission. b) Move from your initial spot due to safety reasons. c) You never graffiti penguins. So not badass. 

He missed the Miley Cyrus train.

As a Disney Channel child growing up, I watched literally every show that aired. I could not fathom why Bieber chose Wizards of Waverly Place star, Selena Gomez over Hannah Montana’s Miley Cyrus. My confusion still stands. Selena Gomez has grown on me, and her transition from child star to adulthood has been rather seamless. Miley and JB however, seem like two peas in a pod. Imagine JB and Cyrus’ interactions together: tattoos and endless pictures with their tongues out. 

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