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The 25 Best Lizzie McGuire Parody Tweets Will Ruin Your Childhood


Lizzie McGuire was top notch Disney. Between Hilary Duff’s portrayal of the coming-of-age, comedic middle schooler and Shia LaBeouf’s role as a lovable goof on Even Stevens, this was a golden age of tween television. Lizzie McGuire’s first season was quite edgy and actually pretty clever. I remember in that first episode there were jokes of bra stuffing and major fashion shade being thrown around. Eventually, as the show became more popular, it became more watered down and “issue of the week-y,” which was sort of lame. Nevertheless, the show is probably the second best thing Hilary Duff has ever done because her album Dignity is quite excellent. I am not being funny either, that album has some good ass songs on it.

After two seasons, 65 episodes and one awesomely bad movie, all we are left with are the nostalgic remnants of a beautiful childhood and now a wonderfully sarcastic twitter parody account called ImLizzieM. It’s Lizzie McGuire as a millennial or as Miley.

Side note: What is the guy who played Ethan Craft doing now? According to Wikipedia his name is Clayton Snyder and his only acting credits include Lizzie McGuire and The Lizzie McGuire Movie. That Ethan had some fabulous hair.

Check out the best tweets below. P.S. There are full episodes on Youtube!

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