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Drake’s Dad, AKA Dennis Graham, is Owning Instagram


Yesterday, rapper Drake premiered the video for “Worst Behavior” from his latest album Nothing Was The Same. After noticing the video was 10 minutes long I knew Drake had something up his sleeve. The first few minutes shows Drake’s dad, Dennis Graham, in a recording studio. This was cute, because as long as I’ve been a Degrassi fan I had been familiar with his mother, but never his father. I didn’t exactly know what this seemingly innocent scene had to do with Drake being on his worst behavior, but I decided to stop being impatient.

After panning the gritty streets of Memphis, we’re brought to four older men, one with a resemblance to the Toronto rapper. Lo and behold, it’s Drake’s dad! His lip synching was arguably the best part of the video. His awesomeness doesn’t stop at the video. He has a whole Instagram that documents how cool he is.

The coolest introvert you'll probably ever encounter.