It’s Okay If You’re Feeling the Post-Grad Blues [Confessions of a Twenty-Something]

Sometimes, when I sit down and start to write my weekly “Confessions” piece for you guys, I have outlines written and notes made and I am ready to go. I can bang out what I have to say and be happy with what I’ve produced. The key word is that this happens sometimes. There are other times (like, ahem tonight) where I just cannot get a grip on anything I want to say. I sit here and I think and I write and I erase. And then I think and write and erase a little more.

The frustration is paralyzing at times. It’s like walking through fog all day long—that slump, that worthless feeling—it’s something that I wish I knew how to shake off, but truth be told, I’m stuck just like the rest of you. Let’s call it the post-grad blues. I am currently only working part-time and desperately searching for someone to hire me full-time, which has been a burden I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. I’m planning a wedding (What? I know. Life is weird.), and while I am absolutely happy and so fortunate to have found the love of my life, it’s not an easy thing to figure out. I’m also just feeling a little blue lately. Unfortunately, I am well aware that many of you are in the same boat as me when it comes to the post-grad blues.

Maybe it’s the sudden change in weather (winters in Chicago are brutal, my friends) or maybe it’s the itch I’m feeling to get out of my parent’s house. Maybe it’s just that I’m going through a little funk. Whatever “it” is, I know something is bringing me down. Let’s be real, the post-grad blues are very real, but they’re also very fixable!

If you’re an educated and hopeful twenty-something like myself, then you know that college was supposed to bring us into a future filled with jobs and dates and adult-like decisions. Post-grad life was supposed to be like an episode of Friends where everyone works amazing jobs and lives in giant ass apartment in amazing neighborhoods. Life was supposed to be a sitcom. Well, we now know that post-grad life is definitely not like a sitcom. It’s more like one of those birthing videos that they make you watch in a parenting class. Too real and a little disturbing.

If you’re feeling a bad case of the post-grad blues, I’m going to recommend making some plans and getting out of your house for awhile, even if it’s just going on a walk with a friends. Get up, go out, and interact with other humans. It will do you a world of good. It will keep your mind off of all the looming pressures you’re facing for a little while. It will give you time to breathe.

When we get in slumps and start to feel worthless, we tend to dwell and fall deeper into the pit of post-grad blues. Before we let it get that far, we need to recognize where we’re at and figure out a way to change it. First, remember that it’s okay to be a little mopey sometimes. Being a post-grad twenty-something is not easy. I know I say this a lot, but it’s a confusing and complicated time. Everyone is going at different paces and walking down different paths. It’s easy to get frustrated and tired and discouraged. When you start to feel this way, call a friend. Talk it out. Go for a walk. Go on a trip. Write a post for an awesome website. Do something that brings you joy. Be patient and know that just as sure you are that the post grad blues will come, they will soon go with just as much ease. Everything will fall into place the way it’s supposed to. So don’t freak out too much and go eat a cupcake.

Katie recently finished her undergrad at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys wasting hours on Facebook and tweeting things no one cares about. When asked the question, “Do you do marathons?” She promptly responds, “Of course! Which show?” Follow her @KatieGarrity! Or read her personal blog where she talks incessantly about Ryan Gosling and hummus here!

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