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8 Ways Hollywood Sex Scenes Lied To Us


Does anyone else notice that sex scenes in movies are always flawless? They lead us to believe that sex in college is actually supposed to be that way, and I sure hope it’s not cause I’ve never had sex like that. For example in every movie, except for Knocked Up, they never show that awkward pause when the guy has to put on a condom, unless they are all on birth control and got tested really fast… it’s a little unrealistic.

So I’ve rounded up a few unrealistic sex scenes and I’m going to break down for you how they lied, mislead and duped us. No longer shall we be blinded by their lies. Don’t worry, you’re doing it right. Check out the 8 ways I think Hollywood lies to us about sex.

Can you think of anymore? Let me know, what else is misleading, this is important stuff!


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