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When Millennials Date, We Totally Become Social Media Stalkers


Watch SRSLY’s hilarious video on how when Millennials crush hard, as I often do, they sort of become internet stalkers. It’s true. Once I know someone’s first and last name, I get their scent. It’s like when those werewolves from Twilight imprint someone so that they belong to them. I imprint boys I meet at parties and then suddenly I am Googling. Then suddenly I am creeping on their Instagram. Look at that swagger, ooo la la. Oh, does he like¬†Daft Punk,¬†I’ll be sure to bring that up next time I see him. Better add him on Facebook, whoops I accidentally tagged myself in a picture of him and his mom. Kill me. Better tweet at him 18,000 times so that he knows our love is real and true and . . . I’m blocked. He blocked me.

[Via. Huffington Post]