16 ‘Bye, Bitch’ GIFs To Let A Bitch Know You Will Be Seeing Her Soon

Goodbye in Spanish, the word that describes a farewell departure, is adios, in Portuguese it’s adeus, in French, adieu, in Italian it’s arrivederci and in German it’s auf wiedersehen. However in Tumblr I believe it’s, “Bye, Bitch!”

Bitch can mean a lot of things. A bitch can be your best friend, your worst enemy, your boyfriend when he is holding your purse at H&M. The word has a diverse array of connotations but just for disclaimer’s sake we don’t use bitch on CC as a denigrating term for women so much as a sassy euphemism for someone we know. It’s kind of like the word “homie,” in this day and age, you know?

If you’re one of those people who makes a grand exit, kissing and hugging each individual person, engaging in rambunctious group hugs, then kindly thanking your friends (minions) for having you over, then, “Bye bitch” is perhaps common in your vocabulary.

If you find yourself getting “too turnt,” perhaps to the extent in which you end up rolling down the stairs backwards, “Bye, bitch,” could be a common phrase in your idiom.

If you’re a drag queen you may be familiar with this terminology.

If you are a fierce bitch who associates with other fierce bitches, “Bye, bitch,” might be commonly used as a term of endearment.

Here are 16 funny gifs to let a bitch know you will be seeing her someday soon . . . or not at all. /shade

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