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8 Faux Fur Finds Under $40: Cruelty-Free and Chic Ways to Hop on the Fur Trend


Fur is very in this year! Everything is either entirely fur, or has some luxurious fur detailing in it. I personally could never wear a real animal for style or for warmth, the furthest I can go is to force my dog to lay on my feet when it’s cold in the house. So while I like to stay trendy and in style, somethings just aren’t for me. But the fur trend is hard to deny, so I found some quick fixes on fast fashion sites, because who doesn’t love a little cheap online shopping?

For the record, I don’t think any college student can or should buy a real fur coat or scarf because they’re just so ridiculously expensive. That money could be saved for the bars! I’ve rounded up a few great faux fur selections — all for under $40! You can splurge guilt-free without breaking your student budget.

1. C-Lective Fur Headband, $34.97

This faux fur headband is so cute for those cold winter days we have ahead of us! It would look great with any winter coat that’s gray or black. Not only will this headband keep you warm, but its a huge fashion statement. Check it out!

2. Lush Faux Fur Circle Scarf, $20.00

Infinity scarves are so popular this year! This faux fur one is so cute and most definitely warm. It’s neutral color allows it to be worn with just about everything. This is a great statement piece, and its easy enough to wear that anyone could pull it off. It’s a must have!

3. Forest Fur Vest, $39.99

Fur vests are one of my personal favs, and this one is just adorable! They are great for the fall, wear a cute sweater underneath and you’ll not only be warm but you’ll be a trendsetter as well! It’s too cute! Check it out!

4. On Duty Fur Vest, $35.99

This vest is a but different from the previous one, this one is a bit harder to pull off. I think with a pair of dark wash jeans, a dark shirt like the one in the picture, and some over the knee boots, this could be awesome! This one’s for someone who is a bit riskier in their fashion choices. Super trendy and super cute!

5. Bow Suede Boots, $17.95

These boots are so comfortable! No matter where you get them from, these boots are amazing. They are 10x cheaper than Uggs, though they may not last as long, they get the job done. I love to wear these around the house, or to run errands. The fur inside will keep your feet nice and warm!

6. Fur Trim Faux Leather bomber Jacket, $28.95

This jacket is super cute! Everyone needs a leather jacket, it’s like a fall/winter staple. This one is great because its so affordable (obviously fake leather and faux fur), and really cute. The faux fur lining dresses it up a bit, and the leather jacket itself is great for everyday wear. So cute, and great for the fall transitioning into winter!

7. Leatherette Wristlet Gloves, $9.45

These gloves are adorable! They’re plain black gloves, which means they can go with anything, and the little faux fur pom poms add a little bit of a flare to make them more unique.Those faux fur pom poms are too cute! 

8. Classic Faux Fur Earmuffs, $8.80

Earmuffs are necessary for the winter months! They are insanely comfortable, and these are super cute. These are a great price, and they are really stylish. Everyone needs to get these!

I love these faux fur picks! They’re all super cute, and cost efficient! Check them out and let me know what you think!

My name is Stephanie Jules and I am the most amazing person you will ever meet, mom told me so.