TV’s 18 Best Will They or Won’t They Relationships [Dude’s List]

Who doesn’t love a good romance that teases a little? Or for six years…or for eight years. It’s one of the classic TV tropes, one of the most effective marketing tools for a show, and if you get the romantic tension juuuuusst right, you keep longtime viewers invested through all of the creative ups and downs. Everybody roots for a romance. Here are some of the greatest of “will they/won’t they’s” that we all found ourselves hoping would have a happy ending…

That’s the list. Read ‘em and weep. And go back and watch some incredible (and sometimes filler) television chronicling these, some of the most compelling combinations of actors and characters ever to cross on the small screen. Where’d I go wrong? Who got left off? Let me have it in the comments below.

Off to the mythical Netflix,

The Dude

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