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You Can Now Take A Breaking Bad Course At SUNY-Buffalo


Today in weird college news, you can now take a class on Breaking Bad“Breaking Down ‘Breaking Bad'” is a new course taught by Bruce Jackson a SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Department of English  as a graduate seminar in Spring 2014.

“This is not just an interesting TV program. ‘Breaking Bad’ goes into narrative and human and social complexity as no TV program has before. It is not like ‘The Sopranos,’ which was episodic; it is not like ‘The Wire,’ which was segmented. And it is not like ‘Homeland,’ which has had to direct itself into a new narrative. It is one epic narrative 60 hours long. We’ve never had that before, in any medium,” said Professor Jackson.

However this just isn’t a class about watching television so much as a lens to examine human nature and the ways in which drug trafficking functions in America. Professor Jackson plans on having legit presentations by guest speakers from the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and Jim Milles, a professor and legal ethics expert at the law school. Professor Jackson is pretty legit himself having worked as a senior consultant, in 1966, on the President’s Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Justice. He worked on the “Narcotics and Other Dangerous Drugs” report which focused on analyzing criminal activity and developing plans for drug reforms. (He is all for decriminalizing marijuana.)

This class sounds freaking epic and Professor Jackson sounds like a hell of an interesting guy. I studied popular culture in college so I got take a lot of courses that analyzed television series like The Wire, Mad Men, The Simple Life and The Hills and what they represent in America. I would take this course in a heartbeat!

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[Via Huffington Post College / SUNY Buffalo]

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