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This Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day


So the only reason I adore the Internet or even go on the Internet for that matter is to find adorable YouTube videos of puppies, animals of different species becoming friends, and children being super cute. I live for these videos. They make me smile and laugh and generally lift my spirits on bad days. What is the Internet for if not to entertain us with footage of cute things?

Well, I think I found the cutest video you will see all day. I know the father/daughter sing-along has been done before a few times, but this father/daughter duo is just the cutest. Every time that he attempts to begin the song, his little girl shushes him and directs him around. She keeps asking about the fireworks in her area going off.

The two sing the classic song, “Tonight, You Belong To Me” in wonderful and off-key harmony, and it’s just all kind of adorable–especially when he plays her bright pink ukelele. The dad writes, “[My daughter]¬†thought she kept hearing fireworks and couldn’t sleep, so we sang to keep her mind preoccupied. In the end, nothing competes with fireworks.”

Give me all the cuteness! Cute overload! Check out the video below!

Katie is a Web Content Publisher for Launch Digital Marketing. She graduated with a degree in English from North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys traveling, reality TV, and coffee--lots of coffee.