Cosmic Candy: November 18th – 24th

We are pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with one of our favorite astrologists (and talented yoga pro), Chani Nicholas, to bring you weekly horoscope readings. Check back each Monday to see what’s in the stars for your week!

Aries and Aries Rising

How we appear to the outside world has everything to do with how we feel internally about ourselves. Of course we can fool folks, we can even fool ourselves for a time, but eventually the truth reveals itself publicly. There is an opportunity for you to realign yourself this week due to what I can only describe as a sweetness that erupts through either an inner experience, an experience at home or one with family. There is a need in most of us to belong to a tribe, to have someone or many ones to come home to- but this doesn’t just “happen” for most. To cultivate anything we have to spend time consciously co-creating the life that we want, both with those around us and with the life force that moves through us. This week will either magnify the imbalance in your life between outer accomplishments and inner ones, or will give you a moment of total awe and appreciation for what is waiting at home for you. Work beckons you, but I advise against letting it override your need for internal comfort, love and intimacy. As the sun moves out of your 8th house and into your 9th you will most likely be more prone to venturing out into the world with more curiosity and less reticence, again this is more joyful when you know you have love to return to. As always, keep your focus on the love that is presently with you and it will grow-especially the days leading up to Thursday.

Taurus and Taurus Rising

This week’s horoscope is brought to you by the wisdom passed down to me from my cousin Robert. The fist little nugget of wisdom he gave me, I received years ago and it took me many moons to truly apply it: Accept people for who they are, no exceptions. For your astrological benefit I’m going to alter this a little and say that it would be highly beneficial for you to accept the reality of who people are without reservation. This is of course something we generally think we are doing, but if we are really honest the desire to teach, control or lead others in the direction we want them to go in generally prevails. The second little nugget of goodness he taught me this past week. It’s a set of questions from the Quaker faith that other religious leaders have also used, that we ask ourselves while pausing before saying anything and I do mean anything. The questions are meant as a guide to help us deeply contemplate how we are using our words. Ask yourself, is it kind? Is it true? Is it necessary? If the answer is no to even one of the questions you may need to reconsider if you need to open your mouth at all. The cleaner you are with your words in regards to your relationships the more at ease you will be, and isn’t that the end point, my beloved bull, to be at ease in your life? Create relationships built on the integrity of your speech and you’ll have come through a major threshold in terms of relating, reliability and renewal.

Gemini and Gemini Rising

You are getting your yearly opportunity to witness how you deal with opposition, companionship and connectedness. Nothing facilitates our spiritual, emotional, psychological and personal growth like dealing with other people, especially those that coax out of us both our potential and the blocks to it. Tending to the details of work and plain old life is still important, but for more than just practical “cause I have to do it” reasons. Tending to the smaller components of your life is actually healing you this week and it looks like there will be more than one conversation that helps you to understand your part in some relationship that’s feeling like a left out orphan, what partnership is overdue for a little of your attention? Be the bigger, brighter person if there has been conflict. I know that you are really good at playing aloof, but it doesn’t actually serve your growth to pretend you don’t care. Risk a little something or a lot of something and show up in all your relationships as you always wish you could.

Cancer and Cancer Rising

The emotional intensity that was last week has dissipated but still echoes throughout this one. Look, sensitivity is your gift but if you know that it can also be the place in which you tend towards over emphasis then you also need to make time to decompress, process and integrate. Your relationships are deep meditations and I encourage you to work your way up to being uncompromisingly clear on what you need in them. You have tremendous heart and a great desire to give on the most nurturing of levels, its this beautiful trait that is magnified this week, but not if you refuse to give up the old stories about not being heard or if you refuse to forgive past transgressions. Don’t make people jump through hoops just to love you, those are your old tricks, so is being overprotective, guarded and skeptical. I’m not saying that your past hasn’t given you sublime reasons to do so, but I am asking you, how are those behaviors working out for you? You are in a moment that is daring you, taunting you even, to out-grow your comfortable limitations that trick you into thinking you’re “safe”. It’s bullshit, don’t fall for it. I’d begin the journey by forgiving those in your family that you spend too much time resenting, in the end our resentments only hurt, drain and disempower us. Steady yourself through daily routine and taking good care of you.

Leo and Leo Rising

I’m giving you creative license to play, flirt, frolic and free-style your way through the next week. The action doesn’t really start to heat up until the weekend but why not get a head start on the fun? The intensity of the past few weeks is getting spread out and you will hopefully be feeling the affects. Though you are still working out some issues pertaining to security, safety, stabilizing your home and place of well-being, you are also getting ready to go paint the town an interesting shade of rouge. Not completely un-tethered, I still want you to enjoy what there is to enjoy. Wide open spaces are good reminders, I was just at the Albuquerque airport sitting outside enjoying the night air before I had to breath the recycled oxygen for the next few hours. It’s an interesting spot on a Saturday night as there are barely any planes and almost no cars or people pulling in and out. I sat and peered into the vast and unending night sky in front of me. At first I had this eerie sense of coming to this earth and leaving this life all alone in the midst of nothingness.  Then my perception shifted and I felt the vastness of space, perhaps our true home and I thought of how much unexplored terrain that there is in each one of us. The possibilities of how we express ourselves is limitless, why we are fearful of playing with those possibilities is beyond me. If you can, spend some time pondering the sky this week and consider trying on a new kind of twinkle and shine.

Virgo and Virgo Rising

While Mars is still in your sign hurrying you along, the sun is coming home to your 4th house of emotional interior decorating, making it important for you to have a few more dinners at home with your loved ones. In fact I recommend gathering with your beloveds on Wednesday or Thursday and celebrating the kinship among you. There is nothing like nourishing the body while celebrating the soul and there is no time like the present to do so. One thing to watch out for when you do gather with others is how direct you are willing to be in your conversations. The other thing to become curious (not judgmental) about is when you do speak truth; do you feel badly about it? Of course I’m not suggesting that you create any kind of kerfuffle or disturbance in the name of honesty-it’s not skillful to tell the truth if it’s also hurtful, but I am encouraging you to take the time to make sure you get to say what it is you need to say for your own wellbeing. As much as possible be in integrity with your speech, your thoughts and your actions. I suggest reading up on this idea from various lineages, teachers and philosophers just for a fresh perspective.

Libra and Libra Rising

This week is a little lighter, astrologically speaking and while the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus and Mars are still moving forward (though a little slower than normal) it’s a good time to get things done. The end of the week signals a time when life starts to get a little busier and the next few months may feel a little overwhelming in terms of scheduling your families needs while dealing with your own. I suggest getting a head start on all of that by taking care of the little organizing that you actually have power over. For the parents out there, there’s an interesting combination of feeling like your family needs you more than ever and knowing that it’s time to give everyone some of the tasks on your to-do list. Let everyone in your “family” life (no need for folks to be blood relatives to be family) have more autonomy over their own lives. Your relationships here need to mature and it looks like the way to do that is by giving yourself gentle reminders that everyone has their own journey and although watching anyone close suffer is like a waking nightmare for you, there are times when folks need to hit their own bottom before they are ready for our help. Bottoms are good, that’s where the ground is and it’s where everyone can learn to root.

Scorpio and Scorpio Rising

I’m going to go back to the central tenant you and I have been talking about lately; right speech. In some traditions this is the fastest way to enlightenment, however that word can be loaded with judgments, fantasies and projections. I choose to concentrate instead on being a good, kind and compassionate person (which I think is the same thing as being an enlightened one) and while I fail most times I am starting to understand that it’s not necessarily about succeeding. Like meditation there is a way that the process becomes more important than the goal. If we can pause in moments of tension, conflict and emotional turmoil we have a chance to understand the patterns of wounding that move our thoughts from one assumption to another. If we can enter these intersections with a compassionate awareness we do have an opportunity to interrupt them. Though they are sneaky shape shifters, these beaten paths of self-defeat, separation and conflict leads us only to one place: isolation. Isolation becomes a commiserating companion that willingly withholds our growth while convincing us that it’s our greatest ally. Nothing could be further from the truth and in fact your friends are an important piece of how this week unfolds. Let others in so you can see yourself more clearly.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius Rising

Those among you that are born from the 21st to the 30th have an exciting year ahead of you, the rest of you unfortunately are fucked. Juuuuust kidding! But not about the first part (the rest of you still get the goods but in the next years to come it will be more acutely felt), I’m not talking about the most overwhelming of influences, but sometimes subtle is sweet and a little easier to integrate. The influence is one of creative re-invention of self in the most unpredictable of ways. This week in general (especially from Thursday on as the sun enters your sign) will give you a much-needed breath of fresh air and a new beginning. Though a lot is still lurking about in the shadows of your life, being annoyingly elusive, I do want you to move as forward as you can with career goals while relying on your inner work to guide your path. All of the unseen elements of life that I am referring to is really a great training ground for you. Right now it’s about moving forward in the ways that you can while being trained in the subtler arts of emotional intelligence.

Capricorn and Capricorn Rising

As you perhaps wrap up understanding the kind of predicaments, privileges and parodies that your associations play out for you and with you, I want you to keep the focus on the ways in which you can keep a clean record with all of your communications. You know those “circle of friends” candleholders from witchy-poo gift shops where there’s a circle of clay people standing together arm-in-arm? Well I want you to imagine that you are in the final phases of sculpting your own version of that. How do you want to be held? How are you holding others? Can you reframe from taking things personally and instead be proactive, calm, steady and mature in your responses? More than anything can you take responsibility for your part in how it’s all taking shape and if you still feel that there is something lacking in this part of your life, can you offer it with the most generous of heart?

Aquarius and Aquarius Rising

There is a certain benefit to keeping up appearances right now, especially when it has to do with your boss, your clients and your community at large. You may be tempted to get a little relaxed with something or someone in these domains of your life but the moment doesn’t really call for casual weekend wear, we are still in formal duds so keep your belt buckled and the up-do, up. For all of us, this week is like running the last leg of a race that has tested our integrity of thought and speech. For you, it’s of course been about your   outer life, career life and public image. The gift that gets many of you in trouble is the gift of reason; it’s one of your greatest talents and allows you to see life from a multitude of perspectives that don’t include being clouded by emotionally nostalgic sentiment. However, this astrological weather is pulling you down a little deeper, challenging you to face an intense emotional boundary or two through public interactions (no this can’t all happen in the safety of your slumber chamber, sorry). So while I want you to keep it professional, I also want you to keep your eye on the deeper motivations that are challenging you, possibly taunting you to cheat, steal and pretend that you don’t have to go through the proper steps. I’m not talking about the ones that everyone else has to take, but the steps that you know you need to. Adhering to a code of conduct that suits you right now is more than a good idea.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

I had the privilege this past week of helping my great aunt pass away, I could write a dissertation on the experience but for the sake of brevity I’ll take one of the many lessons I learned from that experience because I think it directly applies to your astrology; the rules of any given spiritual practice can make a lot of sense in times of transition. Of course I am as reactive as the next feminist to any kind of dogmatic or misogynistic regulations that so often accompany religious rites, so while I always keep one eye open, I had quite another experience this week. Because my great aunt wanted a traditional Jewish funeral my family and I had to perform certain rituals and adhere to certain laws, rules and regulations. It was nothing too outrageous or strict and in fact it was tremendously healing. I realized something really profound about committing to any intelligent system-it’s there for us when we need it most. When loss arrives, customs  hold us together by giving us simple steps towards closure. When any transition is upon us we can fall back on the rites of passage that kept our ancestors connected to their spiritual center. Of course we are free to make meaning however we need to, but there is some ultimate truth and wisdom to following the steps of a skillful system because it allows us to be honest, present and fully available to the moment. My suggestion for you this week is to look, love and realign yourself with the precepts that hold your life together. What’s the thing that is there for you when all else fails? Strengthen that relationship and you’ll be comforted no matter what goes down.

For more information please visit Chani’s personal blog, UntilTheStarsFallFromTheSky, or for personal astrology readings please contact Chani directly at chani [at]

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