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Get Ready for Thanksgiving with this Adorable Workout Gear


With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we’ve been dreaming of turkey, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie for the last few weeks. We love a good feast, but the holiday season can really throw a wrench in healthy eating habits. No matter where you turn, temptation looms: holiday cookie parties, homemade stuffing your coworker brought for the break room, your favorite sweets taunting you from the care package your mama sent. But you can kick off the holiday season right and set yourself a good example for the month ahead by sticking to healthy eating habits and a solid workout routine before and after the big day.

For the week surrounding Thanksgiving, a little healthy eating can go a long way. Make sure you’re eating complex carbs your body can easily process, such as beans, sweet potatoes and grains like farro or quinoa to give you energy. Skip red and fatty meats by going for lean proteins like chicken and fish instead. And we know this sounds harsh, but try to skip booze and dessert too (okay, we’ll be honest, we might not be able to skip that pre-Thanksgiving cocktail, but we’ll most certainly be watching our sugar intake).

Working out can also be a huge help in keeping off those extra holiday pounds. Start each morning with 10 minutes of yoga to boost your energy and stretch tight muscles (we love this video from Tara Stiles). And 30 minutes of cardio three to four times a week can work miracles. Just get out there and move! To help motivate you, we chose some of the most adorable workout gear around to make exercise a little more stylish and fun. Check out our favorite pieces below.