Celebs and Activists Stand With #TexasWomenForever in Online Telethon [Lady Bits]

Last night, there was a whole lot of feminist awesomeness floating around the interwebz. That’s because of “Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose,” a pro-choice livestream extravaganza.

To help the women negatively affected by Texas’ new abortion restrictions, several pro-choice organizations got together to put on an online telethon, hosted by comedians Lizz Winstead and Sarah Silverman. Their goal was to raise money for organizations like the Lilith Fund, Texas Equal Access Fund, Whole Woman’s Health, and Fund Texas Women, which help women in Texas gain access to safe, legal abortions and other reproductive health services.

The telethon featured a star-studded lineup of guests, including Jemima Kirke of Girls and Natasha Lyonne and Yael Stone from Orange is the New Black. It was also like a feminist nerd party, because well known feminist writers and scholars like Anthea Butler and Joan Walsh were there.

Oh, and there was also a giant vulva courtesy of Babeland.

The best part is that they raised about $50,000, and chef Mario Batali matched all donations for 30 minutes of the telethon.

Of course, there were plenty of trolls attacking the telethon on Twitter. You can see a few troll highlights here. But because this was a telethon full of comedians, they trolled the trolls by occasionally reading their tweets on air.

There were lots of laughs, but also lots of serious talk about how abortion restrictions affect women around the country – like the 16-year-old girl in foster care who was denied an abortion by a judge in Nebraska.

If you missed the telethon, fear not! You can watch the whole thing here. And you can still donate at that link, too, so if it’s in your budget this month consider helping the women of Texas out.

Here are few highlights from Twitter:


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