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CollegeCandy’s Freshman 15: A Freshman Year To-Do List…If You Dare


Freshman year of college is probably one of the best times of your life. You are finally old enough to do what you want, but still young enough that no one really blames you for all the dumb stuff that you do. I read an article on The Huffington Post called “The Freshman 15: A To-Do List for Your First Year in College”. While the article was awesome and I think all freshman should definitely heed its wise suggestions for making the most of your college kick-off, I’ve devised a little twist on their list. Something a bit naughtier that all freshman should try…

1. Find a bar that doesn’t ID. This place will become your best friend your freshman year. Literally every college town has one, they usually aren’t the best places in the world, but they get the job done. Go with your friends, have a couple of drinks and bask in the goodness of illegal activity. Plus, if you get caught you’ll just have to do community service and it probably won’t even show up on your record… because everyone knows you’re young and stupid.

2. Go to every single event your school throws that offers free food. Make it an social event that no one can miss. Plan it out with your friends, invite some randoms even, go in and turn what was supposed to be a school sanctioned event into your own personal party. I used to do this all the time, and would just invite everyone I knew to game night on campus, and basically throw a party without having to buy food, drinks or anything. Plus the organizers are usually excited that people actually showed up, so you never get in trouble!

3. Go on a random trip! Freshman year you get a lot of free time because, in my opinion, all the classes were like senior year in high school, just at a higher speed. So take a trip with your friends, go to a near by city, go to a cool club you heard about just go somewhere and throw you inhibitions to the wind! Take advantage, because quite honestly after freshman year all you’re going to be saying when people invite you to do crazy and spontaneous things is, “Ain’t nobody got time for that.” And it will be the truth.

4. Black out freshman year! I mean you don’t have to, but if it’s ever going to happen freshman year is the only time it is acceptable; you’re still technically a child. Blacking out beyond freshman year means you just can’t hang. This past weekend a friend of mine blacked out at the bars, second time this month… she’s now on social probation, its just not acceptable anymore.

5. Skip class and do something fun! After freshman year classes actually become challenging, so take advantage of the easy year and skip class every now and then and have a fun day trip with your pals, or just veg out and watch Netflix all day, whatever floats your boat.

6. Drunk dial everyone in your phone book! Again, this can only happen freshman year because it’s funny then. After freshman year it’s either a cry for help or another reason for people to tell you to pull yourself together and lay off the college binge drinking.

7. Sexile your roommate, multiple times. You probably won’t be living with anyone you know that well, and it’s very rare that random roommate pairing become the best of friends so go ahead and make your double a single every once and a while.

8. Eat a butt load of unhealthy things at illogical hours. Want Chinese food at 3AM? Get it. Want ice cream at 8AM? Eat it. You probably won’t be able to afford those things later on, and they will sooner or later clog your arteries and you’ll get sick. So eat those things when your body can bounce back!

9. Get a random tattoo or piercing. Freshman year is a great year for experimenting, while you may not be into tattoos or piercings try a cool haircut, or change your style up. Freshman year is the best year to switch things up a bit so go crazy!

10. Hook up with a rando! While many people do this all throughout their college years, I think it is only appropriate during freshman year. After freshman year you should just know better and try hooking up with people you actually like. Except for Cinco de Mayo which in my book is a maturity holiday when anything and everything is acceptable.

11. Dress up for a party! Wear a hot dress, throw on your heels and walk into that party like you own the place. Don’t get me wrong without a doubt you will get looks and glares but it’s always fun to be the hottest at a party. Anytime after freshman year that you do this, I will personally find you and call you a douche.

12. Pull an all nighter to write a paper! Like I said, classes freshman year are a lot simpler than any other year, so its actually possible to procrastinate and pull off a paper after a night of cramming. Try this any other year and prepare for failure.

13. Rush a sorority! Just figure out if it’s for you, check ’em all out, meet new people and you never know you might fall in love with one and actually join! And if you don’t, then you won’t be walking around campus for the next three years wondering what if.

14. Go to a sporting event! Go sober, go wasted, go with friends, or go alone. Sporting events at school are always ridiculously fun. You meet a bunch of random people, everyone is exuding school pride and everyone just has a genuine good time!

15. Finally, try everything! Spend your freshman year doing everything you possibly can, your never going to be that free again so take advantage of it!

Take it from me, freshman year is the best year of college. You meet amazing people, you do crazy things, and everything is just that more fun because it’s usually the first time you’ve done it! Try the things on this list, and add a few of your own. Enjoy!

[Lead image via Sergey Nivens/Shutterstock]

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