How to Master the Statement Brow

Image via Terry Richardson’s Diary

Long gone are the days of pencil-thin, overly waxed eyebrows (thank goddess). From French fashion heavy-hitter Carine Roitfeld to IT model of the moment Cara Delevingne, you can’t open a magazine, or turn a street corner for that matter, without seeing big, beautiful brows staring back at you. And this au natural look is far from messy – it’s probably the single chicest beauty trend on the scene right now. How can you achieve the look? Check out the steps below and you’ll master the statement brow in no time.

Step 1: Let your brows grow.

We know this sounds painful, especially if you’re guilty of tweezing every day. But the only way to get this look is to let your natural brows shine. Depending on how much you groom, this could take weeks or months. No matter how annoyed you are with the grow-out process, leave them alone, and you’ll be halfway there.

Step 2: Remove makeup residue 

It doesn’t matter how careful you are when applying foundation and power, we guarantee some will get on your eyebrows. Because you want them to pop, it’s important to remove any makeup before going to work on your brows. Grab a cotton swab and soak the end in makeup remover like Koh Gen Do’s Cleansing Spa Water. Sweep over your brows to wipe them clean of any buildup.

Step 3: Fill in brows with a gel or powder.

The trick to avoiding the “caterpillar brow” is to not use a pencil because they can create harsher lines, and it will be obvious you filled them in. Instead, grab a gel or powder to bring out each individual hair. Don’t be afraid to choose a shade or two darker than your natural color as that look is very on-trend at the moment. Use light, short strokes, and build the brow gradually rather than making it way too dark at the beginning. We love Benefit Gimme Brow and NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.

Step 4: Brush

An eyebrow brush is an essential tool for the last step of mastering this beauty trend. After filling in your brows, brush them into the shape you desire. This will also distribute the pigment more evenly throughout your eyebrow. The Revlon Double Ended Eyebrow Brush has a tool for decamping mascara to boot.

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