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Virginia Tech Survivor Creates App ‘LiveSafe’ To Stop Campus Violence


Kristina Anderson was just 19 years old when she was shot three times during the tragic Virginia Tech shooting in 2007. The Virginia Tech massacre was the deadliest shooting in United States college campus history. Kristina survived while 11 of her classmates and her teacher were killed.

You’d think it was enough to just get through the incident but soon after Kristina began touring the country to discuss her experience. Now, Kristina and a team of co-founders have developed an app called LiveSafe to help curtail on-campus violence. The app allows students to track crimes on campus and report incidents directly to the university police department.

“People have knowledge or information, but they’re not speaking up, and that’s not acceptable because that information can prevent school violence,” Kristina said. The app makes reporting crimes easy and immediate. How many times have you saw a crime and were too scared to get involved? This makes it easy because you’re essentially using the app to text in tips to officials who can handle the situation without involving you.

“They can report non-emergency incidents, such as theft, car accidents, harassment, vandalism or mental health concerns, with the tap of a finger. Users can also send photos, audio or video to police through the app, or chat directly with a member of the campus police department,” according to the Washington Post.

This is a great idea to get students involved and invested in each other’s wellbeing. Some of the schools using the app include Virginia Commonwealth University and the University of New Hampshire.

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