Q+A with Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show Host Lance Bass

The 2013 American Music Awards air this Sunday, November 24th and we’re here to get you excited for the main event…and the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show leading up to the awards. We’ve already sat down to talk about the AMAs with Kurt Hugo Schneider, who with your help composed the official soundtrack to the pre-show. Now we’re chatting with Lance Bass (yes, THE Lance Bass) who is hosting the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show from the Ahh Zone. See what he has to say about hosting the pre-show, his AMA nominee picks and his craziest red carpet memory!

CollegeCandy: This is your fourth year hosting the Coca-Cola Red Carpet LIVE! Digital Pre-Show! What do you love the most about hanging out in the Ahh Zone?

Lance Bass: I love seeing the explosion of energy when the parade of celebs come down the red carpet. There is so much energy and enthusiasm there!

CC: Since the essence of “Ahh” is all about indulgence and relaxation, what would you say is your personal “Ahh Zone”?

LB: Meditation with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. Haha! Honestly, the most relaxing , “ahh,” moment is at the end of the day when I can relax on the couch with my fiance and catch up on DVR.

CC: You are such an excellent role model for young people trying to find a voice in regard to their sexual identity. What advice would give to a college student struggling with coming out to their friends and family?

LB: The best advice I can give is to tell them to tell someone you really trust. It starts the ball rolling to a much more honest and better place.

CC: Taylor Swift and Justin Timberlake both are nominated for 5 awards this year — who do you think is going to pull out ahead by the end of the night?

LB: Well, of course I have to go for my boy JT who truly deserves some of those dangerous pointy trophies, but Taylor Swift’s army of fans usually pulls through for her!

CC: What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to you on the red carpet?

LB: Years ago I pulled up to an Emmy party. It happened to be valet and it threw me off. I got out of the car and forgot to put it in park. The car started rolling down the road with my assistant, Lisa in the front seat. She was freaking out! The valet had to chase the car and luckily everything was fine!

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