‘Tis the Season for Irresistible Vampy Red Lips

From left: Derek Lam, Fendi, Vera Wang

The best part of being a girl, at least in my opinion, is being able to express yourself through beauty. From the moment you start experimenting with black lipstick to the day you start looking at trends, your makeup routine can change with your mood, and that’s a beautiful thing. So what happens when the temperatures drop and you’re feeling a little more gothic than usual? It’s time to bust out the wine red lipstick.

Although it’s not a new beauty trend, this vampy look made a strong statement on the fall 2013 runways. From a textured stain to deep, almost purple hue, you can play with the level of vamp depending on your disposition and time of day. For class, mix a deep red, highly pigmented gloss with your favorite lip balm to keep it daytime appropriate. At night, anything goes. Grab your favorite burgundy lipstick, and even add a touch of black to really deepen the look. Not sure where to start? Check out our favorites below and turn up the heat on this cold weather.

[Lead images via Style.com]

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