We Can’t Run Away From Adulthood [Confessions of a Twenty-Something]

It’s always been really hard for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m a full-grown adult. This is mainly because I still live with my parents where I remain holed up in my childhood bedroom, so I never feel like one. They pay for my food and shelter and cell phone bill (Hey, it’s cheaper on the family plan, okay? Don’t judge me.) When I think about my life in regards to how much my parents currently help me out, it’s hard to call myself an adult. So what is going to happen to me when I move out in less than a year? Yes folks, my time being a post-grad empty nest ruiner is coming to a close. In a mere ten months, I will no longer be living with my parents.

Instead, I will be living with my husband.

I REPEAT, MY HUSBAND. LIVING WITH THE OLE BALL AND CHAIN. WHAT IS MY LIFE? Does it get more adult than having to say “my husband” when referring to a dude in your life that you used to call “this guy I’m sort of dating”? I don’t think so.

Sometimes I just stare at my engagement ring and marvel at the fact that this means someone agreed to hang out with me forever. It also means that I am an adult. When I walk down that aisle, my parents will “give me away” (for the dowry, obviously), and I will take on a new adult life with my husband. Going from a girl who depended quite heavily on her parents for support and financial stability to a married woman with ALL the adult responsibilities is quite the change.

A year ago I was just wrapping up my college career, planning on drinking myself into a stupor to celebrate, and living life painfully single. Today, I am calling bakeries to schedule cake tastings and discussing insurances plans with brokers. My-oh-my, how life can take you for a ride in such a short amount of time. Before you even know, you’re suddenly living a completely new life with many new people, exploring new places.  I kind of have a new life.

But it’s a wonderful life. It’s a blessed life, and I am more than grateful to live it. This new life has forced me to look adulthood right in the face, and at times, I want to turn on one heel and high tail it out of here. But it’s nothing that I can run away from.

It’s scary. It’s overwhelming at times. It’s hard to wrap my head around at times. But regardless of my reservations about taking on life head on, it’s something I cannot run away from. Instead of drowning in denial about the fact that my life is totally mine, I have realized how exciting it is! We all should stop and realize that post-grad life isn’t so bad. Sure, being a twenty-something can really be a downer sometimes. We’re poor as hell. We’re confused about our love lives. We’re trying on different jobs for size to see what we actually like (not what we majored in). It’s hard. It’s just plain hard. Adulthood is quite frightening and when I think about where my parents are now, I wonder how the hell they did it. As I wonder that, I also am calmed. If they can do it, I can too! We all can. And we’re never alone in our twenty-something adulthood woes. You have your family and friends and coworkers (and the Internet! Yes!) When I finally stopped panicking and realized that I wouldn’t be doing any of this “adult stuff” alone, I could breathe again. I’ll have a partner and a cheerleader and a friend by my side every single step of the way—and he’s pretty cute to boot. What’s better than that?

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Katie recently finished her undergrad at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. She enjoys wasting hours on Facebook and tweeting things no one cares about. When asked the question, “Do you do marathons?” She promptly responds, “Of course! Which show?” Follow her @KatieGarrity! Or read her personal blog where she talks incessantly about Ryan Gosling and hummus here!

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