What Rock Legends Would Look Like If They Hadn’t Died Young

Sachs Media Group partnered with a photo restoration and manipulation company called Phojoe to predict what some of these legendary rock gods would look like if they were still alive today. Some of them are not too flattering while a few seem seriously on point.

“Through this series of images, we hope to honor them and evoke some of the magic they brought to millions of their fans. Even as we ponder what wonderful new contributions they still could have made,” said Sachs Media’s CEO Ron Sachs.

At this point it’s almost cliche, unfortunately, when a prodigious musician or talented young celebrity dies far too early. From Kurt Cobain to Janis Joplin it seems that many of music’s greatest contributors leave this earth too soon, leaving us with only a legacy of their work and a ton of speculations about their life. It’s almost impossible to let these artists go when we can feel so close to them, even decades after they’ve gone away. Their music will always enlighten, humble and teach us about the world around us even if they aren’t here to bestow their presence upon us.

[Via. Daily Mail / Sachs Media]

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