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How to Create The Perfect Outfit for a Hip Hop Show


Emerald and I were lucky enough to have the religious experience of seeing Kanye West perform on the Yeezus Tour at Barclays this week. To say it was a spiritual awakening would be an understatement. I think I might actually believe in god now. Anyways, besides a night of amazing music and art, the outfits at a hip hop show are always super inspiring, and this was definitely no different. Snapbacks, sneakers, big gold jewelry – show goers were certainly doing the most Tuesday and Wednesday. So to inspire you for your next rap concert, we put together a perfect outfit to rock at the show.

Hip hop show

You obviously want to look super fly at any concert, but comfort is also key because you’re likely going to be standing and/or dancing for a few hours. We’ve been obsessed with What About Yves lately, especially because their sweatshirts are both cute and cozy. Pair one with your favorite skinny jeans, a snapback and sneaker wedges, and add on as much gold jewelry as humanly possible. Finish the look with a bag that can be worn crossbody to keep your hands free and belongings close.

[Lead image via Duo Gigs]