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Turn Some Heads this Thanksgiving with 4 Festive Outfit Ideas


Thanksgiving is upon us, and I’m sure your stomach will be thankful for a break from Ramen. But we’ve been envisioning how we’ll prepare for the four to six plates of turkey and stuffing we’ll consume on that day for long enough — it’s time to think about our holiday style.

And if you need inspiration, just look around. The green trees of summer have turned to burnt oranges and an array of burgundies. If that isn’t enough to motivate a change of color palette in your wardrobe, I’m not sure what is. And with the sun still making a cameo every now and then, it’s safe to transition your summer pieces into fall by layering up your favorite looks.

And let’s not forget that your Thanksgiving Day outfit has to be appropriate for all the eating you plan on doing! There’s no way you can let your attire hinder your appetite. Make sure to be cozy because nothing is more awkward than having to unbutton that top button on your skinny jeans for more space.

It’s a time to surround yourself with the people you love, the people who knew you prior to the huge transformation you’ve made in college. You will hear endless compliments on how you’re blossoming into a beautiful young woman, and perhaps those people you hated in high school will even do a double take.

Head on over to CollegeFashion to see how to celebrate Thanksgiving in style and turn some heads!

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