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The American Music Awards are Tonight! What’s Your Favorite AMA Moment?


I always thought that the American Music Awards were kind of weird and lame, right? I was like, okay…so when are the Grammys happening so that I can actually careĀ about who is winning some awards? As I’ve researched and read more about the AMAs, I’ve actually come to realize that they’re kind of a big deal! They’re not super prestigious or overrated like the Grammys, and they’re kind of the sister/brother awards of the CMAs (Country Music Awards), but they’re still a fun party! The only thing that makes things a little tricky is that these are fan voted awards, so be prepared for One Direction to steal everything.

And I mean, Pitbull is hosting this year so I mean, how can you go wrong?

I know I’m laying the sarcasm on pretty thick, and I apologize. I’m being a little bit of a hypocrite anyway because I’m totally going to watch them anyway! With people like Lady Gaga and Oh-My-God-What-Is-She-Doing?! Miley Cyrus performing, I think we’ll be in for one hell of a ride and a lot of great music!

In honor of AMA night, we decided to take a look back at some of the most interesting and entertaining moments from AMAs past! Check them all out in the gallery below!

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