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23 Inspirational Quotes That Will Put a Little Happiness In Your Day


Keeping the motivational momentum throughout the week is harder than it looks. We’re still living in awkward space between being restless teens and a bona fide adults. Sh*t ain’t easy.

Also it’s Tuesday. Nothing fun happens on Tuesdays.

Instead of sulking in self-created misery over how slowly the week is going, let’s get inspired. These college years are the ones that matter! They shape the type of people we will be and the type of careers we will lead. We are the generation that can’t seem to stop looking at our phones, the ones who feel the need to stay connected at all times. We mistake being alone with being lonely. So for five minutes, clear your mind. Close your computers and put down those phones — after you read this post of course.

Here are a few words to remind you that it’s not over and things get better. Even if it is only Tuesday.

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