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A Black San Jose State College Student Is Tormented By Racist Roommates, Uni. President Finally Apologizes


A Black San Jose State College student was tormented by his racist roommates, who hung Confederate flags and Nazi memorabilia in the dorm room, is possibly getting some justice.

In what is a gut churning account of blatant racism, the President, Mohammad Qayoumi, has finally apologized, “By failing to recognize the meaning of a Confederate flag, intervene earlier to stop the abuse or impose sanctions as soon as the gravity of the behavior became clear, we failed him. I failed him.”

The three students, freshmen Logan Beaschler, Joseph Bomgardner and Colin Warren, have been charged with a misdemeanor hate crime and battery. The university also suspended the students.

Yes, Confederate flags should have been a red flag. Make no mistake, this isn’t a misguided kid with a nasty sense of humor in black face. These roommates actually abused this poor kid in his home. The student should have felt safe in his dorm, instead he constantly lived in fear of being tormented because of his race.

According to the Huffington Post, “The three students used racist terms to refer to the young man, displayed Nazi symbols and a Confederate flag in the suite and once attempted to put a U-shaped bicycle lock around his neck, causing him minor injuries when he fought back, authorities said.”

The racist roommates nicknamed the boy, “three-fifths” amongst other racial slurs. The NY Daily News reports, “The goons also barricaded his door with furniture and once tried to lure him into a closet that had its doorknob removed to trigger his claustrophobia.”

The criminals, that’s what they are, defended their actions as just “jokes and pranks.” Sick.

This whole thing just makes me cringe.

Emerald is an editor at CollegeCandy, lover of coffee, and pretend francophile. After studying writing and popular culture at NYU she decided to be a grownup and get a job. Tweet at ya' girl @EmeraldGritty.