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BITE Beauty Lip Lab Will Perfect Your Pout [In Our Makeup Bag]


What It Is:

My experience at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab* (174 Prince St.) in NYC!

Why This Should Be in Your Bag:

This review is a bit different, but possibly the most exciting yet! When I was in NYC in late October, I had the opportunity to visit the BITE Beauty Lip Lab. What is the Lip Lab you ask? Well, it’s a totally magical place where you can create your own custom lipstick! You are guided through the process by a Lip Lab Technician who will take your vision and blend pigments until the perfect color has been created. Then, you get to pick your texture (sheer, matte, luminous crème or crème deluxe) and scent (vanilla, mango, cherry, superfruit, peppermint, or citrus mango). The technician then melts the colored truffles and blends in the scent and pours the liquid into a mold. They plop it on a cooling plate the actually has ice on it! It’s set at -2˚F and hardens the lipstick enough so the technician can fit the lipstick into the bullet.

How To Use It:

I decided to describe my experience at the Lip Lab in this section. I arrived at the Lab and was quickly greeted by the lovely Brooklyn, a Lip Lab Technician. He listened to my request for sheer, vampy lipstick with a lot of plum in it (a beauty trend we’re totally loving). Brooklyn was an expert and so professional, walking me through the entire process. He mixed an initial color and I tried it on, but felt like it needed more warmth so he added a bit of “Quince” and that resulted in the perfect shade. I obviously chose a sheer texture and couldn’t decide between cherry and vanilla scents, so Brooklyn mixed both in!

CC Rating: A+

If you are in the NYC area and can make it to the Lip Lab, you NEED to! It’s any beauty junkie’s dream to create their own lipstick and BITE Beauty has brought that dream to life. Not only was the end product beyond cool, but the experience was an absolute joy. Brooklyn made it fun and made me feel comfortable expressing my vision. I was able to share my thoughts during the entire process and ensure that the end product was exactly what I wanted. Getting a custom lipstick at the BITE Beauty Lip Lab will run you $36-48 and it is worth every single penny!

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*item was provided for review

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