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Get Sweaty During Those TV Commercials [CC’s ShapeU]


In a bind because you told your mom you’d help her prep Thanksgiving dinner, your friends you’d meet them for Thanksgiving-eve festivities, and your sister you’d spend some quality time watching re-runs of Sex and the City? Maybe you have a jam-packed Thanksgiving, Black Friday shopping, and a totally busy weekend that you can’t spare time to get a workout in. Well, this workout just became your best friend.

We’re all about saving time and multitasking, especially during the busy holiday season. So in that spirit, here’s a workout you can do during TV commercials that will save you time, but keep your workout streak in-check. Don’t ditch the workout just because you’re having a busy week, simply try to incorporate it into your schedule in a new way! You’ll feel accomplished, and won’t regret cutting out workout time, even if you are just avoiding the weather and skipping the gym.

Try out this routine during the Thanksgiving Parade, or while watching your favorite TV show with friends. It’s also a great way to pass the time during commercial breaks!

I'm an AFAA certified fitness instructor and I adore my job. I'm also an undergrad studying neuroscience, and health and wellness. I love kickboxing and running (which might be for the endorphins). I spend way too much time on my hair, drink seltzer with every meal and eat pretty much anything made of chocolate. I love inspirational quotes and I'm a total cornball when it comes to my sense of humor. Contact me: @google+ @website