The Best Hand Creams to Remedy Rough Winter Skin

Brrrr! It’s cold out there. And you know what the cold brings: dry, rough, itchy winter skin. Gross. But it doesn’t have to be like that. If you start moisturizing and taking care of your dermis now, you can prevent some of the nasty side effects of the bitter weather.

You should be moisturizing every day when you step out of the shower (we love coconut oil for everything). It’s also wise to have a great foot cream to apply before going to bed because the feet can really take a beating bundled up inside heavy boots all season. Make sure you have a great day cream with SPF and heavy duty moisturizer to slather on before bed. And most importantly, you need to take care of those hands.

If you look at most people’s hands, you’ll notice they probably look older than the person. Our hands age quickly because we’re using them all the time. And we’ve all experienced red, cracked knuckles in the winter – it’s painful and does not look cute. But apply these hand creams morning, noon and night, and you can prevent the unsightly dryness from taking over your life. Stash one of the five below in your bag and use liberally whenever you feel the need.

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