The Only 90s Pop and R&B Christmas Playlist You’ll Ever Need

Wrapping up your finals can only mean one thing — THE END OF THE SEMESTER. If you’ve done well, burst out into a celebratory twerk and pat yourself on the back. If you haven’t, better luck next time. You’re still allowed to twerk if it’ll make you feel better.

The holiday season means multiple things: eggnog, Bill Cosby sweaters and tons of twinkle lights. They also mean a swarming emergence of new holiday music. Christmas albums are looking bright for 2013 with Mary J. Blige, Jessie J and Ariana Grande‘s new releases. Personally, I have high hopes for Ariana Grande’s Christmas album; her voice gives the same vibe as Mariah Carey‘s in the 90s.

Oh the 90s, how I miss thee. Not only was everything just overwhelmingly awesome in the 90s, the Christmas music was killer as well. Pop music was at an all-time high and R&B was so rich.

As you decorate the tree with your family, or wrap gifts for your friends, let this playlist take you back to your childhood. Almost makes you forget you’ll be out in the real-world in no time…

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