You Can Now Take A RuPaul’s Drag Race Course At Occidental College

Add this to your list of bizarre college courses. Occidental College is now offering the course “Reading RuPaul: Camp Culture, Gender Insubordination, and the Politics of Performance.” Yas, Gaga, Yaaaas. I mean, Yas, Ru, Yaaaaaaas.

The course description says, “As the show brings the art of drag performance and issues attendant to contemporary queer subcultures to a wide audience, the course will consider how it addresses histories of drag and U.S. gay culture, as well as a broad range of issues such as transgender identity, HIV/AIDS, bullying and violence, racial identity, gender identity, body size, and LGBT political activism.”

Drag is a pivotal part of gender liberation and queer history. Have you ever seen Paris Is Burning? It’s a documentary following the lives of men and women of color who do drag in NYC during the ’80s Ballroom scene.

Think Madonna invented vogue’ing? Nope. That dance move’s origins belong to fierce Ballroom scene.

Think “throwing shade” is a new millennial term? Nope, drag queens and kings invented it down to various levels of throwing shade, like reading. The library is open.

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