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Here’s How To Know If Your Ex Is Totally Not Over You


I think we’ve all had that ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that never really got the whole “we’re broken up!” thing. They kept texting and calling and sending flowers. Sometimes they just start the most popular social media website on the planet in hopes to get your attention a la Mark Zuckerberg. Sometimes they ask all our friends how we’re doing and even call up our mom to see if she needs help cleaning her gutters this fall. Was that just my ex then? Okay, well anyway, it seems that sometimes, our ex-significant others just cannot take the hint and get. over. it.

Unfortunately, sometimes it’s not that blatantly obvious. Sometimes, we see our ex talking to someone else at the bar or we hear they’re seeing someone new, but then they still text us “Happy Thanksgiving!” What is that about? Do they still want us? Are they totally not over us? It’s hard to tell and read the signs clearly when we have exes playing with our heads.

Thankfully the ladies over at have made this crisis totally easy! If your ex is still “liking” your Facebook statuses, he’s probably not over you. If he’s seeing someone new after a week or two, he is¬†definitely¬†not over you! (Rebound much?)

Head on over to Gurl and check out the many other clear cut signs that they are just totally not over you!

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