College Textbooks Might Be Free Thanks To This New Legislation

The ‘Affordable College Textbook Act’ could mean college text books will become completely free. The bill is sponsored by Senators. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Al Franken (D-Minn.) and would create a college grant program so that universities can expand the availability of textbooks online. Yes, for paperless, easy access.

Students and the general public will have access to all of the textbooks. Apparently, this has worked before in Illinois. Huffington Post reports,”Durbin cited the success of a $150,000 grant to the University of Illinois for its Open Source Textbook Initiative. Thanks to the grant, UI faculty were able to develop a book that’s available to anyone for free and can be updated when new information becomes available. Similar results were achieved at the University of California-Davis as a result of a $250,000 grant from the National Science Foundation.”

The cost of college textbooks has increased 812 percent since 1978. That is a lot of percent. Textbooks just add up. They add up and college is expensive enough.

“The dirty secret about textbooks is that they don’t have to be so expensive given the rise of technology,” said Matthew Segal, co-founder of, which endorses the bill. “Even worse, if you put textbook debt in larger context with student debt, the affordability of college is becoming less and less tenable, and, as a result, the American dream is becoming more difficult for the next generation to attain.”

I mean, come on, we have to do something to cut the cost of college. This sounds like a great start and since the books will be available to the general public, people who can’t afford to go to college can still learn. 

[Via. Huffington Post  Image Via. Shutterstock/Patricia Hofmeester]

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