Do Not Bring Your Flamethrower To An Oxford University Party

An Oxford University student dressed as “Arcade Fire” for a costume party or “fancy dress party” as the Brits call it, got into trouble for bringing his flamethrower and using it in the quad. Imagine that. What a world! What a college! Oxford University? Never heard of it. Who is you? Do you want to live in a world where dudes can’t bring flame throwers to parties?! DO YOU?

“I used it for about ten minutes, and it’s not as though I set any of my friends on fire,” Inigo Lapwood said. Well, thank jebus you turned out to not be the kind of sociopath that serial kills. 

According to Telegraph, the flamethrower was built “using a nail gun and a glow plug from a diesel engine in order to ignite a canister of butane gas.” Oh, so it was homemade? That sounds super safe.

“I used it well away from anyone, I never took it inside and I dismantled it after I used it,” he said. You look pretty close to everyone, dude. My first concert ever was Linkin Park and Limp Bizkit (no judgments). Since everyone naturally hates Limp Bizkit the way we now hate Nickelback, the entire stadium booed when the band came out. Then suddenly Fred Durst brought out his flamethrower, spit out a few fireballs and just like that the whole crowd knew all the words to “Rollin’ Rollin’.” Maybe this college student just wanted to look cool, maybe he just wanted to be Fred Durst. We’ll never know.

As the Telegraph states, under the Firearms Act 1968 flamethrowers are classified as a “prohibited weapon”  and have a maximum penalty seven years in prison. Flamethrowers? Illegal? What a world. What a sick, unfair world.

[Via. Telegraph]

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