Respectful Rappers Turns Sexist Lyrics To Polite Gestures

Today we discovered the most amazing Tumblr. Respectful Rappers translates dirty, misogynistic rap lyrics into thoughtful, mindful gestures about women. It turns rude, aggressive lyrics into polite and compassionate words of understanding and common courtesy. Let’s just say, Robin Thicke could learn a thing or two from this. Hell, all rappers can. As someone who thoroughly enjoys hip hop, it does get exhausting trying to overlook the blatant misogyny and degradation of women promoted in the music. For example, Kanye West is outspoken about issues concerning race but almost always reduces women to blood thirsty, malicious gold diggers. Rude, Kanye. Rude.

What’s worse is that some of the most twerk-worthy, most fun rap songs are usually the most degrading toward women. I mean, R. Kelly’s whole entire career is based on female objectification but good lord,¬†Black Panties¬†is a magnificent album. How do we reconcile the underlying misogyny in songs that we love to get super turnt to? Acknowledgement. Discussion. And now, Respectful Rappers.

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