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Millennials View Student Loan Debt As A Major Problem, Hate Obamacare, No F–king Duh!


The Harvard University Institute of Politics released the 24th edition of its Survey of Young Americans. The survey is intended to gauge the political attitudes of millennials (18-29 years old). As it turns out most of us see student loan debt as a “MAJOR PROBLEM” and weren’t satisfied with Obamacare. Welp, no fucking duh.

I applaud the President for attempting to create a healthcare compromise since conservatives simply will not allow real, actual universal healthcare but Obamacare is one big epic fail. First and foremost the actual website doesn’t work, lol. That has to be a testament to the efficiency of the government. I mean, I can show you how to use WordPress, Obama. Secondly, the actual “marketplace” that was designed to provide low-cost healthcare based on income is still incredibly expensive.

Obama said that millennials would probably be paying around $50/month for health insurance however many have saw an increase because of Obamacare and when I signed up the cheapest plan was $301. After a $150 tax exemption granted to me based on my income, it’s still $150. If you don’t buy healthcare there is an annual $95 fee or 1% of your paycheck whichever is greater. Fun times. Fun with healthcare. Eat your vegetables kids because they’re going to be the only thing that saves you. Obamacare has been beneficial to those who can afford it and has saved lives for people with pre-existing conditions but it’s just not useful for most people our age.

Student loans: lol. Surprise! Shocking! Student loans are a major issue for anyone entering the job market. Regardless of political party, the majority of people our age agreed that the cost of college directly affected if and where they went.

According to the study,”A majority (54%) of those enrolled in a four-year college said that they or someone in their household currently has student loan debt. Among 18- to 29- year-olds, more than two-in-five (42%) Millennials said the same; 48 percent indicated that they had no debt. Regardless of whether or not they have debt, 57 percent of America’s 18- to 29- year-olds said they believe student debt is a “major problem” for young people in the U.S., with 22 percent saying it’s a “minor problem.”

What’s terrible is when money has to dictate your future and 99% of Americans aren’t in a position where money (or the lack thereof) won’t negatively influence their future, “70% say that their financial circumstances played an “important” role in their decision about whether or not to attend college. For community college students, that number is 87%. And 52% of black people said finances played a “very important” role, vs. 38% of white people.”

It’s not shocking but it’s nice to have empirical evidence. The survey interviewed over 2,000 millennials.

[Via. Gawker / Harvard / Shutterstock/Ermolaev Alexander]

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