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Supplement Your Beauty Routine with These Vitamins


It’s no secret a diet rich in nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables isn’t just great for your health but for your beauty routine as well. If it’s true you are what you eat, too much sugar, overly processed foods and saturated fats will have an effect on you physically, and it will show through dull hair and skin. But in addition to healthy eating (most of the time at least, we have to indulge!), vitamin supplements can add a boost to your health and beauty routine. Check out some of our personal favorites below, but remember to always check with your doctor first before trying as we are not medical professionals.


Evening Primrose Oil: Hailing from a flower, evening primrose oil can work wonders for acne prone-skin and those with eczema. In fact, it is approved to treat skin disorders in several countries outside the United States. It contains an omega-6 essential fatty acid, gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), believed to be the active ingredient in clearing up the skin, giving you a healthy, glowing complexion.


Biotin: Yesterday, we told you about the benefits of using a beer shampoo. One of the reasons it’s known to strengthen hair is because it’s chock full of biotin. Many women claim this B-complex vitamin stimulates hair growth and strengthens nails too.


Vitamin E: Here is a vitamin that’s not only great for your beauty routine but for your overall health as well. Vitamin E is known to boost circulation, which means it can promote hair growth. It’s actually a main ingredient in many of your favorite hair products as it stimulates blood circulation at the scalp. It also helps the skin retain moisture and elasticity, preventing wrinkles.


Iron: Not only is iron an essential element of a healthy diet for young women, it’s thought to have a role in hair growth. It aids in the production of substances that carry oxygen to blood cells, promoting circulation like our friend Vitamin E. Some women also claim it helps fight brittle nails and breakouts.

What vitamins do you swear by to aid your beauty routine?

[Lead image via monticello/Shuttershock]