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Would You Support a Male Birth Control Pill?


If you’ve been following headlines this week, you will have seen that a male birth control pill is currently being tested on lab mice. The oral contraceptive, which is years away from being finished and approved, would theoretically stop a man from ejaculating. While, just like the female birth control pill, the male counterpart would not protect from STDs, it would make condoms unnecessary for preventing pregnancy since 0 sperm = 0 babies. (I know that’s some high level math I just laid out for you there.)

While I love the idea that there’s talk of a birth control pill for men, the idea that sperm wouldn’t be permitted to leave a man’s body just seems…unsafe. Where does it go? Does it all just back up? Is that even healthy? I’ve got graphic questions that need answers!

Turns out that men have some pretty funny and surprising comments of their own. YourTango talked to some guys in their 20s about the “pill for men” and you’ve gotta see how they weighed in!

[Lead image via Zsolt Biczo/Shutterstock]