20 Amazing (And Cheap!) Gifts To Buy Your Boo This Holiday

I absolutely love giving gifts. It’s seriously one of the most joyous things I have the pleasure of doing. I give presents to all my loved ones here and there throughout the year, but when the holiday season rolls around, OMG look out, I will shower you with presents. (Do you want to be my friend yet?)

I have always prided myself on my ability to pick out pretty great gifts. I listen to people when they talk about the little things they like, and here and there, I’ll take mental notes.  If I make people cry with the thoughtfulness of my gift, that is just extra rewarding. I love making people cry. Wait…this took a weird turn…

Anyway, this year, I’ve run into a little problem. My fiancé is the hardest person to shop for in the world. He never drops hints. He is super picky about all his things and is very vocal when it comes to receiving gifts. So how the heck do I decide what to get him without being totally impersonal and just settling for a Best Buy giftcard? If you have the problem as me this year, never fear! We’re in luck!

The ladies over at Gurl.com have compiled a pretty amazing list of gifts your guy will love and you won’t have to sell your textbooks back early!

Check them all out here!

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